My Baltic’s Autumn Itinerary

Autumn is my favourite season of the year, the colours of the leaves changing, weather gets cooler and good time for long autumn walks.  I just love everything about it. I was thinking wheres the best place to spend a week holiday. The Baltics came to my mind straight away. I’ve been wanting to travel around the Baltic Region. As soon as I have arranged my holiday off work. I was so excited to book my flights and accommodation for
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Yes three different countries to explore I just cant wait. Thanks to Kami and the rest of the World for providing me her blog about Tallin and her tips what to see there.


        Photo Courtesy by My wanderlust Vilnius


Photo Courtesy by My wanderlust Tallinn

Photo from Google Riga


Photo from Google Vilnius

Reading those blog inspires me more and Im already fascinated about the place even just reading things about it. I have been also chatting to the locals in Tallin through and they seems so friendly and I will be meeting them and will show me around. What a fantastic opportunity to meet locals. Whats more authentic than that. I only planned this travel and book it all last week and im so excited what Baltic will offer.

My research online has satisfied me with those magnificent views, buildings and looking forward for the local cuisine, Baltic Herring anyone? My countdown starts now, I will be spending my weekend in Vilnius Lithuania then moving on to Riga Latvia and Tallinn Estonia.

Luggage is packed, camera and passport are all ready.  Bring it on Saturday .Photo Essay surely will be uploaded here soon.

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