Having a bad day ?

Bad day is under statement of what happened to me in Vilnius on my second day in the city. What do you do when you lost your wallet abroad? Wallet with all your bank cards and money for the whole travel. I didnt know how to describe what I felt, I was so numbed and keep praying that I will find the wallet. But reality has sunked in, I will never find the missing/stolen wallet.  I went back to my hostel then I told to the receptionist staff Ernesta what happened and she was very helpful, assisted me to call my bank back in UK to report the missing/stolen wallet and she also called the Vilnius Police, I was so grateful for the bank customer assistance with her helped and to the money transfer officer who assisted me to access my funds even without card, they automatically transmitted money to Western Union so I can pick it up straight away, unfortunately it’s Sunday the offices and banks are closed but still I’m so thankful that its all sorted. 

Being a frequent traveller I am glad that I got Premier HSBC Account its very handy when travelling abroad especially in this kind of situation and Im glad all my bank cards were all cancelled instantly. To Eve hostel staff for the follow her up phone call for police report.

With the Vilnius Police Department they were also very helpful they came to the hostel to take me to the police station for my statement, and they  issued a police report and Kudos for providing an English translator.


This incident has came to my realisation that  not just be careful, but be more extra careful and more vigilant every time. As I looked back at what happened, I just considered this as a trial. And part of travelling life theres always be mishaps that cant be avoided from happening, from missing flights, missing train/ bus connection, to missing luggage. What happened to me makes me more stronger person, and it didn’t stopped me to enjoy the rest of my trip and more future travels to come.

It’s been 3 months since the incident, I can now looked back and talk openly about it. My bank has also sorted my claims for the stolen wallet. This means I can sort out more of my travel plans hmmmm extra money funds for my coming up travels. Things happen and will knock you out but always remember they are just trials in life to test us, get up and stand up tall whatever happens.

A very stressfull experienced I dont want to happen again in my entire life. Have you got any misshaps or incident like this while travelling abroad? How did you cope and what did you do? Leave a comment below if you can relate to the incident.

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