1st Year: Freedom of Solo Travelling /Anneklien’sSoloTravels&Adventure


Travelling is so exciting, the opportunity to see beautiful places is so wonderful. But have you ever thought of Solo Travelling? Not everybody is brave enough to explore and travel on their own. It’s an idea usually dismissed by many especially for women. A Solo Travelling women comes along with a big dilemma that it’s not safe. I was one of those people who are skeptical about solo travelling, I was too enclosed into my cocoon that I was too afraid to go out even just to the next town or eating alone in a restaurant. Arranging travel schedules with friends are a bit frustrating and compromising itinerary and travel activities is also a big part. Times off from work are but a handful to consider. As much as I love travelling these things puts me off. Not until I was heavily influenced by bloggers and their amazing adventure. With those beautiful places they explored and fantastic photos been uploaded on the internet. I came to realised I’am missing out.
Then I was brave enough to try SoloTravelling and I wasn’t disappointed with my first experience. It’s been a year now as a Solo Traveler, looking back. It was a wonderful time wandering around Brussels Belgium for my birthday holiday and just a week after, I was booking my next trip. I cannot believe myself that I did my first SoloTravel and can honestly say I enjoyed it. My self esteem and confidence has surge up undoubtedly. I am more open to people and meeting strangers and made friends along the way. The best experience and decision I have ever made and im very chuffed I did. The only regret and I kept questioning myself, Why I haven’t done this before?






My bucklist list is getting longer, each time I ticked off one destination I added another 2 new destination. The experience wandering around to new places gives me the confidence and thirst to explore the world more.  At this point of time im busy planning for my future travels, what about you? Have you ever thought or considered travelling solo? What’s stopping you to do? Are you waiting for the right time? Is your 9 to 5 job stopping you? Are you waiting for a travel buddy?
Dont just dream about travelling, booked your holiday and start exploring the world, we might bumped into each other on the road of wonderful travels see you soon. Have a safe travels everyone.



12 thoughts on “1st Year: Freedom of Solo Travelling /Anneklien’sSoloTravels&Adventure

  1. When I was younger I was terrified to travel on my own. Now it’s my favourite way to travel – no one else’s likes to consider and only myself to please. Congratulations and here’s to many more solo travels!


  2. What a fantastic first year of solo travelling! It really does give you such a boost in self confidence to go somewhere on your own and have an adventure. I wish you many more happy years of travel. I’m on to year 8 now so there’s hope for everyone!


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